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BrandWarranty complaints and full after-sales service are provided by the Authorized Service Point, whose contact details can be found at the bottom of this page
You can register a complaint with GRAPHITE, GRAPHITE PRO, VERTO, NEO, TOPEX, TOP TOOLS brand products.

How to make a warranty complaint in 5 steps?

1. Prineste the faulty tool to the shop where you bought it.
2. Submit a complaint. The store employee will take care of your complaint and start the complaint process.
3. Pick up confirmation from the seller that the complaint has been registered
4. Wait forthe response about the way of dealing with the complaint, which you will receive within 14 days.
5. Pick up the tool from the shop.



Post-warranty repairs are provided by an Authorized Service Point.

How to order a repair?GARANCIÁN TÚLI JAVÍTÁSOK
1. Contact the service point, whose contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.
2. Agree with the service point the way of delivering tool and the cost of repair

Information about the service:
- We use only genuine spare parts for repairs
- We guarantee service to the highest standard.
- After the repair, each electrical device is subjected to safety tests - you will receive the test protocol for free!/span>
- 6-month warranty



ALKATRÉSZEKSpare parts are sold by an Authorized Service Point, whose contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. Authorized Service Point offers retail sales at trade prices and sales to stores and distributors of brands according to agreed trade terms.

How to buy spare parts in 5 steps?

1. Find the technical drawing for your tool- technical drawings are available
2. Write down needed numbers of spare parts from the technical drawing and
-send them with the names of brand and model to the email address of the Authorized Service Center provided at the bottom of this page or
-go to shop which carries out the sale of GRAPHITE, GRAPHITE PRO, VERTO, NEO tools

3. Wait for the response about availability and price of the spare parts you need, which you will receive within 24 hours.
4. Accept the cost estimate- after the acceptance, the order will be sent within 5 working days.
5. Pick up ordered spare parts- parcel labeled cash on delivery will be delivered by GLS courier.

Save on transport! Collection in the shop for 0 EUR, home delivery 3.5 EUR(verification locally for the country)
Completion of orders within 5 working days!


We have 1 million spare parts available from stock!


Technical drawings/Műszaki Rajzok/Technické Výkresy

Here you will find technical drawings for the following brands: GRAPHITE, GRAPHITE PRO, VERTO. Use the technical drawings for easier communication with an Authorised Service Point. You do not need to know the name of the part you need, just the number from the technical drawing. You can also print the technical drawing and use it for self-repair if you are qualified. A list of technical drawings can be found HERE





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